100% virtual. 100% sustainable. 100% unique.

I’ve always loved thrifting, and a good part of my closet has always been curated vintage or thrift. In May 2020, however, I switched to a 100% sustainable closet after noticing not only the environmental toll many fashion companies take, but their underwhelming attempts in promoting inclusivity and sustaining diversity within their businesses.

I realize not everyone has the time or access to sustainably shop. Others have tried but can never seem to find what they want. Some are tired of clothing auctions on Depop. Whatever your deal is, this is for you.

Not only can you feel better about shopping sustainably (in every sense of the word), but you can enjoy unique pieces, discounted designer and investing in individuals rather than corporations.

First, fill out the form below with your name, what you’re looking for and a good time for us to chat. In our first meeting, we’ll discuss more of what you’re looking for, brand and style preferences, your budget and my estimated rate. After that, I’ll create a style board for you and find items matching your budget and what you’re looking for. All items will be approved and paid for by you before purchased. Before shipping the items off to you, I’ll show you ways in which to style them.

My current rate is 60/hr, with a minimum booking session of one hour. This rate does not include the prices of any items we decide on. I’ve chosen this rate to make my services as accessible as possible, while also noting my time and effort.

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