A Call to Action

Silence isn’t usually my thing. I speak up about what I believe in and move confidently. While this hasn’t changed, what we speak up about, and what plagues our world today, has changed dramatically within the past few months.

COVID-19 has thrown me for a loop, as I’m sure it has with many of you. It’s put a strain on my friendships, my mental health and my future. There are some days where I push myself to be productive, and there are some where I am so depressed I can’t get out of bed.

The state of the world today has revealed the ugly selfishness within our society, as well as the violence that is so deeply woven into our nation. Why must we ask for Americans to care for others? It seems we have pushed ourselves so far into individualism we forget about collectivism.

I’ve refrained from posting the past two months in order to uplift the voices of my Black peers. While I continue to speak up against oppression, we must stop and listen to whom those injustices are affecting in order to figure out how to best support them. Change will not come easy — this society must be uprooted and planted again for true growth to begin.

Quarantining alone has allowed me to use this time as self-discovery. I set out to write this blog because I like fashion, though I’ve always tried to mix that idea with something else (history, culture, etc). I hate the idea that fashion is shallow or dumb — it’s inherently political. You are making a statement with what you wear, and fashion houses have such an influence. For an industry full of culture (particularly Black and Latinx culture), fashion is so overwhelmingly white. Between models, editors and designers, we need to fight for more representation and EQUAL representation.

As consumers, I ask that you support sustainable companies and publications (sustainable meaning fair pay for workers, actively anti-racist and eco-friendly). Shop second-hand but also be mindful of your privilege in choosing to do so and not having to. Find petitions to sign every day. Protest! Boycott! Activism does not begin and end with a few weeks of social media posts.

When it comes to your music taste or style, keep it individual. Change, however, starts with us, and if we band together, even greater change is promised.

2020 Vision: What’s Trending This Year

Though holiday and new year parties allowed me to dress up a bit, I felt a little uninspired fashion-wise by the end of 2019. Now that I’ve almost recovered from finals and a busy holiday season, though, I’m looking forward to refreshing my closet and restyling some looks to keep up with 2020’s biggest trends.

I have quite a few of these pieces in my closet already (mainly thrifted), and I can’t wait to style them with some of the other trends. 2020 seems to be taking lots of inspo from one of my favorite fashion eras (70’s), as well as making comfy grandpa style cool again. Find out which trends you should have in your closet this year!


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noah fence

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Whether your look is more biker chick or Matrix, I’d tell you to invest in some leather pieces. Some of my favorite looks include leather pants and long leather trenches. Hot tip: you can usually find real leather items in thrift stores/thrifting apps for cheaper than most pleather items sold in stores. Plus, real leather items are closet staples that only look better after time.

Polka Dots

Polka dots give such a playful and feminine look. Because it’s such a simple print, the look is totally versatile! Wear a polka dot top with jeans and sneakers for a more relaxed, flirty look, or pair with leather booties and trench for an edgier style.

Sweater Vests

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Miss Chanandler Bong

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Okay, I doubted this one too, but once you try it, you’ll love it. While you can totally rock the comfy grandpa look, try styling a tighter sweater vest over a tight t-shirt. Layer with chains and jewelry for an instant model-approved look.


Grandpa not your style? Try grandma! Long pleated skirts and dresses are in, ladies and gentlemen. Pair with polka dots for a sweet look, or style with a band tee and some chunky black boots for an edgier kick. Add a leather jacket and statement sunnies to really boost the look.


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I’m a huge fan of cardigans. Not only do they add another layer, but they can add a pop of color or print to an otherwise basic outfit and transform your look. I love finding neon ones to add to my outfits, though an animal print cardigan would be cute too.

70’s Prints

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it’s me inside a circle

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While animal print ruled 2019, 70’s prints will take over 2020. Look out for lots of floral, yellow, houndstooth, paisley, green and orange prints. They’ll add a nice accent to any outfit and can easily be dressed up or down. Retro is in!

Pastel Yellow

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Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.

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Even though the Pantone color of the year is classic blue, you’ll be seeing a lot of pastel yellow (along with other pastel colors) popping up in your Instagram feed. Wearing this color, you’ll look like a walking ray of sunshine.

I can’t wait to try out some of these trends, and can’t wait to see what others come this year!

How Did the Business Blazer Become a Street Style Staple?

I’m all about closet staples — a great pair of jeans, reliable white sneakers, and some graphic tees are mine. But one you’ve probably seen around (and should probably own by now) is a good blazer. I like to style mine in a classic, more street style way, but lately, I’ve been seeing people go bare underneath a blazer, or even rock it as a dress. 

The menswear-inspired piece has been reclaimed by women in the past few decades, and I’m here for it. But, much like Carrie Bradshaw, I couldn’t help but wonder —where did this trend come from and how did people originally wear the blazer? 

The first blazers were hastily designed for the English Royal Navy, after the captain of the frigate HMS Blazer heard that Queen Victoria was visiting the ship. Luckily, the double-breasted jackets impressed the Queen, and they were made a part of the official uniform. From there, the aptly-named blazer took off. 

Not long after the blazers were adopted by the Royal Navy, rowers at Oxford and Cambridge began to sport blazers to keep them warm during chilly warmups or races. At the time, they were looser and were treated more like windbreakers. The blazers were decorated with different colors and patches that helped spectators identify each team. 

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From the @rowingblazers moodboard.

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This trend only made it to land once rowers started wearing their blazers around college campuses, in a way that another athlete might wear a varsity jacket. The trend crossed into America as Ivy League universities like Yale and Harvard adopted the blazer. It’s sporting connections began to fall away, especially once the blazer became more structured and became suitable for work. The trend really took off once the notorious preppy brand Brooks Brothers began selling blazers in the US.

So technically, the blazer was designed to impress Queen Victoria. Had she not approved of the style, we might not be wearing blazers today. What made women approve this trend for themselves? Designer Coco Chanel shocked the public in the ’20s by adopting androgynous style, filling her collections with suits, tweed blazers and trousers. She paved the way for future menswear-inspired fits, which became increasingly popular in the ‘30s once actresses like Audrey Hepburn sported blazers and bow ties in their famous films. 

When WW2 came around, women began to wear menswear to work as women’s attire was no longer functional for the physical work they were doing. The problem was that even in the rise of menswear, women were still expected to wear skirts or dresses, so women began tailoring their husband’s clothing to fit them. It wasn’t until 1939 that the first trousers for women were made (with no “mannish” accessories, advertised a 1940s Vogue). Women were free to wear what they wanted with the exception that they still looked pretty and feminine for their husbands. 

In the ‘50s, women were expected to go back to more dainty styles, especially as they transferred from the workforce back into housewives. A group of women in London called the Teddy Girls, however, rejected traditional norms by wearing rolled-up jeans, flats and blazers.

It really wasn’t until the ‘60s and ‘70s that women wearing menswear wasn’t considered a rebellious political statement. Women were receiving more rights in the workforce, and celebrities started to break away from feminine clothing. Yves Saint Laurent popularized the blazer even more when he designed the “Smoking” Tuxedo Jacket, hailed as the alternative to the Little Black Dress. As he said himself, “For women, the tuxedo is an indispensable outfit, which they feel comfortable with, so they can be who they are. This is style, not fashion. Fads come and go, style is forever.”           

The ‘80s gave way for even more women in the workplace, and designers made note. The “power suit,” complete with bold colors and shoulder pads, created a new sense of authority for women. UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher always wore a suit, stating that “she was in a man’s world, and she had to look the part.” 

Since then, women have completely owned the menswear trend, adding vests, trench coats, boyfriend jeans and suit sets to the mix. But now instead of focusing exclusively on menswear tailored to fit women’s bodies, we’ve accepted oversized and loose garments, too. Bright colors and patterns have been added, as well as an array of sizes and fits. 

Like YSL said, “style is forever.” Which kind of blazer will you be sporting?

Well-Dressed Women Make History

Especially in 2019, clothes are no longer pieces we wear for practicality, but a way to express who we are and what we’re feeling. Take the women of congress at the Union Address or Lena Waithe’s MET Gala look for example. These ladies not only looked good, but they made strong political and social statements simply with what they were wearing. 

This idea, however, isn’t exactly revolutionary. Whether it was a bare leg or androgynous fashion, women have been using fashion as a way to make statements for decades. They’ve used it as a feminist tool and to make space for themselves at the table. 

Throwing on a mini skirt or a blazer might not seem like a big deal now, but we’ve gone through a lot just to achieve that. Women have fought for so long (and seemingly, still) to wear what they please, and stood behind everything that piece represents. In short, freedom and justice can come from a suit or a skirt. Read on to find out how. 


Imagine being stuffed into a corset and heavy hoop dress on a hot summer’s day, while the men were able to wear pantaloons and a top. Amelia Bloomer, a women’s rights activist and editor of the first feminist magazine The Lily, decided she would take her husband’s pants for a spin — causing hysteria, naturally. Many (men) worried that getting rid of the hoop skirt would lead to  “usurpation of the rights of man,” and that the husbands of these women wearing pants would be left at home, sobbing. Seriously?

Shortly after, pants became a staple of the women’s rights movement. They were quickly retired from the campaign trail, however, once women realized that the hysteria of pants was distracting from their actual mission of equal rights. 


When women later realized that men wouldn’t listen to anything they had to day, clothes made their way back into the women’s rights movement. Outside of marches and rallies, suffragettes would wear the colors purple, white and green to identify themselves as feminists. For them, purple meant dignity, white meant purity, and green meant hope. Ribbons were made with these colors, and suffragettes would pin them to their hats and belts. That’s what I call a statement-making accessory.

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RU⤵️ #suffragette Purple for freedom and dignity, white for purity and green for hope and new beginnings. 🗳 Due to controversial media coverage and, let's be honest, public mockery, many suffragettes actually spent more money on clothes than they could comfortably afford rather than running the risk of being considered excentric outcasts, and thus doing harm to the cause. 🗳 The shop at the Women’s Press headquarters on Charing Cross sold tricolour ribbons, jewellery, bags and belts, white summer blouses and purple scarves, while Selfridges, one of the most supportive retailers, was the first to sell red lipstick (what an outrage!) for those “marching and speaking”. 🗳 For #edwardianspringchallenge2019 hosted by @faces_and_style Day 13 “In the name of justice!” 🗳 Британское движение женщин за право голоса начала ХХ века хотело, чтобы его было видно и слышно. Как хорошие маркетологи, они придумали яркую атрибутику и парадную форму для маршей. Главными цветами были выбраны фиолетовый (достоинство и свобода), белый (чистота помыслов) и зелёный (надежда и новые начала). 🗳 Так уж сложилось, что из-за постоянных нападок в прессе и негативного общественного мнения, многие суфражистки были вынуждены содержать гардероб не по средствам, только чтобы не походить на свои карикатуры и тем самым не навредить движению. 🗳 Трехцветные ленты и украшения, сумочки, кошели, шарфы и пояса были очень популярны и продавались в магазине при суфражистской книгопечатной мастерской в Лондоне. В свою очередь Селфриджес, самый благосклонный к женским правам универмаг, ловил волну и вовсю продвигал в среде манифестирующих пудру и красную помаду (какой скандал!). 🗳 #edwardianfashion #1900s #edwardianera #votesforwomen #antiquephoto #mabelcapper #wspu #fashionhistory #1910s #costumehistory #belleepoque #pankhurst #fashionispolitical #edwardianspring2019day13 #эдвардианскаяэпоха #суфражистки #1900е #эдвардианскийстиль #начало20века #старинноефото #историякостюма #историямоды #yunna_историямоды #yunna_лицаизпрошлого

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After WW1, women had a taste of the workforce and liked it. Having the freedom to work outside of house cleaning was major, and women wanted more. This meant having the haircut they wanted, dating who they pleased and wearing whatever they wanted.

In the ‘30s, Coco Chanel broke boundaries when she designed the two piece suit for women, giving more leeway to closets everywhere. Menswear became more popular, and women started dressed like the independents they dreamed of being. Clothes for women were becoming more revolutionary — until they weren’t. 

The ‘50s were a bit of a lull — women’s fashion had gone back to nipped waists, often held in by stiff corsets. Quietly, though, a designer named Claire McCardell ushered in the idea of more comfortable fashion, using belts and elastics to accentuate a waist without suffocating it. Her designs flourished as they were picked up by women joining the workforce, going to college or working at home. She created independent, easy-to-wear designs for the fast-paced world women were beginning to enter.

The ‘60s brought birth control and a sexual revolution, and women’s fashion reflected that. The mini skirt became a staple style as girls tailored their skirts higher to show off their leg. This new fashion allowed women to own their sexuality, and make a persona for themselves other than a wife or mother. The mini skirt allowed freedom, movement and the confidence of a new identity.

This sexual freedom was only furthered in the ‘70s with the popularity of the wrap dress. Socialite Diane Von Furstenberg came out with the style, which became popular with both working women and those exploring the ongoing sexual revolution. The wrap could be tied tightly at the waist for the office, while the lack of buttons or zippers made it easy to slip on and off for… well, you know. The dress helped women finally feel the leadership role in the office and in relationships.

By the ‘80s, plenty of women had joined the workforce, and a popular new working outfit had emerged. The pantsuit, known for shoulder padding and pinstripes, helped women elbow their way into business meetings and leadership roles. You might be asking, how does an ugly suit do that? Well, the broad shoulders and bright colors often distracted from a woman’s gender, allowing her to dominate a room and take authority (yas queen).

From there, both men’s and women’s wear has become, well, everyone’s wear. Women wear what they please now, though many are still criticised for it. We’ve evolved to brush off the haters and rock any fit we want — menswear, androgynous fashion and mini skirts included. And though we might still use hemlines and bold colors to make a statement, is society really afraid of what we wear? Or is it really afraid of women embracing their womanhood, regardless of stereotypical fashion norms? 

I say — do you girl. Just make sure to stand tall, whether you’re in flats, sneakers or heels.

Fall Trends: Cop or Drop

Hot girl summer is ending, but I’m ready to continue that energy into hot girl fall. While I’m sad that my summer habit of drinking outside has to come to a close, I’m overly excited for all the new wardrobe options that autumn brings. I mean — layers, people! 

With that said, there are definitely some trends I’ll be letting go of once the new season hits. Read on to find out what I’m copping and what I’m dropping. 

Dropping: Neon

Copping: Muted Shades of Green

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Swipe What colour shall we do tomorrow?

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Though I love the bright shades, they’re definitely made for the summer season. While I might continue getting a neon mani for a while, sage green is really growing on me and I think you’ll see me in a lot of it come fall. I’ll be mixing shades like olive and pastel green soon — Kermit who?

Dropping: Jumpsuits

Copping: Suiting

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on a pink kick, apparently🌷

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While jumpsuits provide a one-and-done outfit situation, suiting makes you look instantly like a #bossbitch (and who doesn’t want to be that). They’re more grown-up, and I want to thrift some pastel and printed versions soon. Now, where should I wear it?

Dropping: Florals

Copping: Patchwork

I’ve never been a huge floral girl, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I’m dropping them. While some have argued that dark florals have a place in this season’s wardrobe, I disagree. I’ll be wearing patchwork pieces instead, which add some life to my outfit and allow me to experiment with the print on print trend.

Dropping: Mini Bags

Copping: Oversized Baguette Bags

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Running around today 🏃🏻‍♀️

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I know fashion is often impractical, but if I can’t fit all my stuff into a bag and have to shove things in my pocket (or worse, carry another bag), I’m out. Instead, I’ll be wearing a purse that’s equally cute and functional, like the Fendi Zucca bag (bigger than the original Fendi baguette). It’s not oversized, but fits all my everyday needs (and snacks).

Dropping: Sporty Sandals

Copping: Chunky Boots

Sporty sandals were in for a reason — they’re functional, comfy, and on trend. It’s time to retire them, though, and trade them in for their fall counterparts. Chunky boots are just as functional and cozy (bye, snow storms). I’m pairing mine with an oversized sweatsuit or maxi dresses this fall. 

While I’m not looking forward to the weather getting colder, I’ll definitely be trading in some summer trends for these fall styles. My summer midi skirt and square-toe heels are staying though. Which fall trends do you want to cop?

Flavors of Fall: Pistachio and Tangerine

As we grow closer and closer to fall, stores have begun to transition from s’mores and swimsuits to sweaters and school supplies. And while I’m excited for all the new fits to come, I can’t say I won’t miss the heat. My staple outfit this summer has been a bodysuit or graphic tee with a midi skirt, and thinking about the Boston winter creeping closer and closer makes me wince. 

One trend I’m very excited for, though, is fall’s new colorway. Two of my favorite colors are featured, though they’re much more muted than summer’s neons. It seems the flavors of fall ‘19 are pistachio and tangerine. 

These colors are soft and light, making them perfect for transitioning from warm summer to cooler fall. In fact, I’ve already started picking up a few pieces because I love the colors so much. 

If these colors sound like too much for you, don’t worry. I swear they’re flattering on anyone (money back guarantee). If you still don’t believe me, read on for styling inspo.

Go All Out

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matching. 🍃

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If you’re like me and love this pistachio color, this might be the fit of your dreams. If you’re a little more hesitant about the trend, though, try taking one of the pieces and adding it to an otherwise basic outfit. The pants would look great with a graphic tee, or you could add the purse to virtually any outfit.

Flirty Fun

Not only are the details on this skirt to die for, but this tangerine dream works perfectly as a statement piece, perfectly completing any outfit. For fall, I’d recommend an oversized sweater and sneakers, or even a graphic tee and a blazer.

Transition Piece

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Business in lime💚 #lottaliinalove

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While I don’t think I can rock this green swimsuit in the chilly fall weather, I can definitely vibe with the jacket. It would add a perfect layer of color (and warmth) to any fall fit, but my dream styling would be an oversized white tee, wedgie jeans, and matching pistachio sneakers (have yet to find these, will keep you posted).

Bright Sunnies

If you just want to stick a toe in the water of this trend, stick with one statement accessory you can add to any fit. These tangerine sunnies are perfect to wear when shopping for school supplies, pumpkin picking, or apple cider donut eating. They’ll give you a pop of color without taking away from your outfit.

Mini Moment

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summer in the city 🚲😄

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Since the mini bag seems to be returning to Insta feeds near you, why not try this pistachio-colored one? The croc detailing is stunning, and the color perfectly matches the top. If you play your cards right, you can easily take a mini crossbody like this one and tie it around your waist for an instant fanny pack.

A Look

Wanna go all out? Go monochromatic with a tangerine dress, purse, and heels (love the clear detailing on those). The key to going all out, though, is finding an equally tangerine background (which is what I will desperately be trying to do all next season). 

Though I normally lean towards green, that tangerine is really growing on me. I’ll definitely be sporting both colors soon (if not tomorrow). Which color do you prefer and how would you style it? Let me know!

Blazin’: How to Make Blazers Part of Your Everyday Style

I’m all about closet staples — a great pair of jeans, reliable white sneakers, and some graphic tees are mine. But one you’ve probably seen around (and should own by now) is a good blazer. I like to style mine in a classic, more street style way, but there’s lots of ways you can wear it. Read on for blazer fit inspo.


Pair a blazer with black biker shorts and a basic tank top for a more street-style look. Add a belt bag, cool sunnies, and athletic sneakers to complete the fit. Bonus points if your accessories match your blazer!


Layering a blazer over a white tee and jeans makes for a great classic look. You can add sneakers or loafers depending on what you’re feeling that day, and a baguette bag pairs well with this look.


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IMO, a graphic tee under a blazer looks so cool and chic. You can wear an oversized one over jeans or a skirt, and dress up the look some more with some strappy sandals or heels.


Though blazers are menswear, you can make them more feminine by pairing them with a dress or skirt. This fit looks great with sneakers or chunky boots.


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V E R S A C E #kendalljenner #streetstyle

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If you really want a statement piece, go with a blazer that has a fun pattern or print to it. Just make sure to keep your base layer, well, basic to let the blazer really shine. I like the styling with bike shorts here.

Bare It All

Feeling formal and sexy? Wear a blazer only for a risque look. A stack of necklaces complements this look well. Make sure to pair with some tape!

I recommend thrifting a blazer, as you can find some really cool pieces on the cheaper side. If you’re ready to make an investment, though, Aritzia and Topshop carry some great blazers. How will you style yours?

How to Dress Like An “It Girl”

If there’s two things “it girls” know, it’s comfort and cool. No matter what, they always seem to look so chic and put together, even if they’re rocking sweats and sneakers. But how? Scroll on.

Follow the Tight/Loose Rule

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morning mission

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One of the fast rules of fashion is pairing tighter bottoms with looser tops, and vice-versa. To get the off-duty model look, try pairing a baggy sweatshirt or t-shirt with biker shorts, or a tight tank top with some loose cargo pants.

Keep It Basic

Whether it’s the shoes, a skirt, or accessories, it girls always have some sort of statement piece. The key to styling the piece though, is always good basics. Some it girl favorites seem to be Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters, and Aritzia.

Never Get Too Girly

Even in a skirt and heels, keep your cool. Add a graphic sweatshirt, edgy accessories, menswear, or a leather jacket to keep your look model-esque. You can also dress down a skirt or dress with cool sneakers (think basic white Nike Jesters or neon Adidas).


That being said, lots of model off-duty looks are more athleisure-based. Try styling joggers to a basic white tank or graphic tee, and add lots of jewelry. Pair with cool sneakers and neon sunnies and you’re good to go!

Keep Your Hair Minimal

Remember, the main point of the look is the outfit. It girl favorites are a slicked-back ponytail, a low bun, or a sleek, straight lob. Because my hair is on the frizzy side, I usually opt for the low bun or a textured lob.

Always Accessorize

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Details details • @mymymy sunnies @revolve

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You’ll never see an it girl out and about without some bling. No matter if you’re rocking sweats or a dress, add some cool jewelry like chains or chunky hoops to complete the look. Don’t forget some cool sunglasses!

Do you follow any of these tips or have a few of your own? Comment below!

Why Headscarves Should Be Your Next Obsession

Since Sex and the City’s 21st anniversary just past, I spent a few moments (okay, hours) delving into Carrie Bradshaw & Co’s most iconic looks. One that instantly caught my eye, though, was this masterpiece:

The headscarf. The pink silk. The bedazzling. My inner ’90’s girl was screaming, and I instantly decided that this was one trend that had to return. I mean…

  1. You can go another day without washing your hair.
  2. Pairs perfectly with cool sunnies.
  3. Keeps you cool in the summer.
  4. Add some jewelry and you look trendy AF.
  5. How could you not love this trend??

Here are some styling tips for what’s probably on its way to being your favorite summer accessory.

Fine Print

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@kingprincess69: I— me:

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What’s a better way to hide your dirty hair than to cover it with a printed headscarf? Jump on the animal print trend this summer and aim for leopard, tiger, or zebra prints. Pair with some vintage sunnies and you’ve got a look!

Beach Babe

Protect your head from UV rays and look cool while doing it. Use a headscarf to keep those beachy waves in check. Dress up your look with some trendy specs and hoops.

Match Your Fit

Instead of using your headscarf as your statement piece, why not match it with your outfit? Match the print or color for a cool monochromatic look. Just make sure to keep your accessories simple.

Personally, I like to style mine with gold accessories (hoops are my favorite), and big, neutral sunnies that let me feel like a celebrity on the run from the paparazzi. I love this trend and can’t wait to see how you choose to style it!

How to Style Yourself When Spring Weather is Wack

Spring brings April showers and May flowers, but also weird, in-between weather that often leaves me stumped on what to wear. Is it hot? Is it cold? What do I wear when it’s raining but warm? Luckily, spring’s unpredictable weather and constant rain makes it a great time to experiment with layering and playful styles. Regardless of what your weather app tells you, here are some outfit ideas to kickstart you into some (hopefully) warmer weather.

Rain, Rain, You Can Stay

Spring equals rain, but rain equals accessories! Invest in a printed water-repellant jacket and booties for spring, and use your umbrella as part of your look. Try using the umbrella as a statement-piece by choosing a brightly colored or patterned one. If you’re worries about it clashing your outfit, spring (haha) for a clear one!

Cozy Colors

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cozy + matching… look out for a new post soon! 🧨

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Speaking of accessorizing — don’t put away those winter pieces yet. You can add winter accessories like hats and scarves to your look for extra warmth or as an add-on to an otherwise neutral outfit. Little pieces like this make transitioning from one season to the next a little easier.

Dress It Up or Down

While the hopes of warmer weather make me want to throw on a sundress, April clouds encourage otherwise. Throw on a midi dress over a turtleneck or graphic t-shirt for a flirty spring outfit. Pair with layered jewelry and statement shades or sneakers for a chic, put-together look.

Color Me Mine

As a person who gets hot or cold easily, I’m a big fan of layering. To stay warm but look cute, try layering a turtleneck under a sweater of the same color. This monochromatic combination can be elevated by making said color a spring pastel or neon — just keep your bottoms neutral or go crazy and match those too!

Outerwear for Your Inner #GirlBoss

When it comes to jackets, think light but useful. Windbreakers protect you from the nasty weather but are light enough to wear in warmer weather, and they satisfy your 80’s fashion nostalgia. A trench coat, though a bit heavier, offers more warmth and coverage from those April showers. A linen blazer is light, cooling, and carries #girlboss vibes. And never ever forget about the spring outerwear, the denim jacket.

Rainy spring days just got chicer. What trends will you be sporting this spring?