A Call to Action

Silence isn’t usually my thing. I speak up about what I believe in and move confidently. While this hasn’t changed, what we speak up about, and what plagues our world today, has changed dramatically within the past few months. COVID-19 has thrown me for a loop, as I’m sure it has with many of you.Continue reading “A Call to Action”

Try out These Fashion Experiences That Look Great on a Resume

Like most of you reading this, I love fashion. I love picking out my outfits, shopping with friends, reading fashion publications, and curating unique pieces for my closet. Yet I don’t go to FIT, and I’m a horrible seamstress. I’m not studying fashion, even though I’d like to pursue some sort of career in theContinue reading “Try out These Fashion Experiences That Look Great on a Resume”

New Year, New Playlist

Personally, this past year sucked. So I wanted to make sure my first playlist of the year set a good tone for the next one. Some featured songs from the playlist include… Keeping up the “God-is-a-woman” energy we had in 2018 and making it stronger. I’m calling it now – this song is going toContinue reading “New Year, New Playlist”

Tradition to Lifestyle

My first memory of fashion comes from a childhood tradition I had with my mother. Every Sunday, myself, my mother, my neighbor, and her daughter would venture out into our suburbs very early in the morning. We hit up tag sales, Savers, Goodwill, and multiple consignment stores. Until about the age of 16, my SundayContinue reading “Tradition to Lifestyle”