2020 Vision: What’s Trending This Year

Though holiday and new year parties allowed me to dress up a bit, I felt a little uninspired fashion-wise by the end of 2019. Now that I’ve almost recovered from finals and a busy holiday season, though, I’m looking forward to refreshing my closet and restyling some looks to keep up with 2020’s biggest trends.Continue reading “2020 Vision: What’s Trending This Year”

Fall Trends: Cop or Drop

Hot girl summer is ending, but I’m ready to continue that energy into hot girl fall. While I’m sad that my summer habit of drinking outside has to come to a close, I’m overly excited for all the new wardrobe options that autumn brings. I mean — layers, people!  With that said, there are definitelyContinue reading “Fall Trends: Cop or Drop”

Flavors of Fall: Pistachio and Tangerine

As we grow closer and closer to fall, stores have begun to transition from s’mores and swimsuits to sweaters and school supplies. And while I’m excited for all the new fits to come, I can’t say I won’t miss the heat. My staple outfit this summer has been a bodysuit or graphic tee with aContinue reading “Flavors of Fall: Pistachio and Tangerine”

Why Headscarves Should Be Your Next Obsession

Since Sex and the City’s 21st anniversary just past, I spent a few moments (okay, hours) delving into Carrie Bradshaw & Co’s most iconic looks. One that instantly caught my eye, though, was this masterpiece: The headscarf. The pink silk. The bedazzling. My inner ’90’s girl was screaming, and I instantly decided that this wasContinue reading “Why Headscarves Should Be Your Next Obsession”

4 Summer Shoe Trends to Add to Your Closets ASAP

It’s finally time to shed your winter boots and start shopping for summer’s biggest shoe trends. This season, range is everything. From barely-there sandals to sporty kicks, there’s something for everyone. Pick your favorite and schedule a pedicure quick! Floss Heels Also known as the naked sandal. This footwear is v Carrie Bradshaw era, withContinue reading “4 Summer Shoe Trends to Add to Your Closets ASAP”

This Trend is to Dye For

Tie-dye may be the best SS19 trend so far, and I’ll tell you why: it’s cozy, casual, and affordable. Nearly every retailer (from designer to Forever 21) sells this trend, and you can easily find any variety of it at a reasonable price. With the weather getting nicer though, I even recommend having a tie-dyeContinue reading “This Trend is to Dye For”

Girls Gone Wild: Your Guide to Animal Prints, Besides Cheetah

Move over, leopards. A new feline is taking over this spring season, and she’s got bite. While cheetah print became a neutral in 2018, it seems that tiger, snakeskin, and zebra prints are 2019’s hottest patterns. And it’s not just the natural colorway we’re wearing – bright blues and neon green accompany some of theContinue reading “Girls Gone Wild: Your Guide to Animal Prints, Besides Cheetah”

Then and Now: 70’s and 80’s Trends Making a Comeback

It seems that every season, we focus on one era in particular for style inspo. Last year, the 90s reigned, with everyone loving baby tees, Barbie pink, and tiny sunglasses. As we move into 2019, it seems that this year’s throwback fashion will come from the 80s and 70s. Some staples from the eras includeContinue reading “Then and Now: 70’s and 80’s Trends Making a Comeback”

2019’s Biggest Trends and How to Wear Them

We’re a week into 2019, and while we’re all recovering from holiday parties and new year’s resolutions, new year’s fashion trends have already hit the sales floors running. As you complete your end-of-the-year closet clearout and make room for new 2019 pieces, keep these trends in mind – and read on to learn how toContinue reading “2019’s Biggest Trends and How to Wear Them”