Blazin’: How to Make Blazers Part of Your Everyday Style

I’m all about closet staples — a great pair of jeans, reliable white sneakers, and some graphic tees are mine. But one you’ve probably seen around (and should own by now) is a good blazer. I like to style mine in a classic, more street style way, but there’s lots of ways you can wearContinue reading “Blazin’: How to Make Blazers Part of Your Everyday Style”

How to Dress Like An “It Girl”

If there’s two things “it girls” know, it’s comfort and cool. No matter what, they always seem to look so chic and put together, even if they’re rocking sweats and sneakers. But how? Scroll on. Follow the Tight/Loose Rule One of the fast rules of fashion is pairing tighter bottoms with looser tops, and vice-versa.Continue reading “How to Dress Like An “It Girl””

Why Headscarves Should Be Your Next Obsession

Since Sex and the City’s 21st anniversary just past, I spent a few moments (okay, hours) delving into Carrie Bradshaw & Co’s most iconic looks. One that instantly caught my eye, though, was this masterpiece: The headscarf. The pink silk. The bedazzling. My inner ’90’s girl was screaming, and I instantly decided that this wasContinue reading “Why Headscarves Should Be Your Next Obsession”

How to Style Yourself When Spring Weather is Wack

Spring brings April showers and May flowers, but also weird, in-between weather that often leaves me stumped on what to wear. Is it hot? Is it cold? What do I wear when it’s raining but warm? Luckily, spring’s unpredictable weather and constant rain makes it a great time to experiment with layering and playful styles.Continue reading “How to Style Yourself When Spring Weather is Wack”

How to Rock the Elevated Sweatpants Look

Layering, jackets, and winter boots are staples of winter fashion. But come a certain point in the season, the cold makes us lazy and well, cold. If we do make it out of bed, there’s nothing we want to wear except our sweatpants. Below, check out how to dress up your sweats in a publiclyContinue reading “How to Rock the Elevated Sweatpants Look”