Fall Trends: Cop or Drop

Hot girl summer is ending, but I’m ready to continue that energy into hot girl fall. While I’m sad that my summer habit of drinking outside has to come to a close, I’m overly excited for all the new wardrobe options that autumn brings. I mean — layers, people! 

With that said, there are definitely some trends I’ll be letting go of once the new season hits. Read on to find out what I’m copping and what I’m dropping. 

Dropping: Neon

Copping: Muted Shades of Green

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Swipe What colour shall we do tomorrow?

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Though I love the bright shades, they’re definitely made for the summer season. While I might continue getting a neon mani for a while, sage green is really growing on me and I think you’ll see me in a lot of it come fall. I’ll be mixing shades like olive and pastel green soon — Kermit who?

Dropping: Jumpsuits

Copping: Suiting

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on a pink kick, apparently🌷

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While jumpsuits provide a one-and-done outfit situation, suiting makes you look instantly like a #bossbitch (and who doesn’t want to be that). They’re more grown-up, and I want to thrift some pastel and printed versions soon. Now, where should I wear it?

Dropping: Florals

Copping: Patchwork

I’ve never been a huge floral girl, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I’m dropping them. While some have argued that dark florals have a place in this season’s wardrobe, I disagree. I’ll be wearing patchwork pieces instead, which add some life to my outfit and allow me to experiment with the print on print trend.

Dropping: Mini Bags

Copping: Oversized Baguette Bags

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Running around today 🏃🏻‍♀️

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I know fashion is often impractical, but if I can’t fit all my stuff into a bag and have to shove things in my pocket (or worse, carry another bag), I’m out. Instead, I’ll be wearing a purse that’s equally cute and functional, like the Fendi Zucca bag (bigger than the original Fendi baguette). It’s not oversized, but fits all my everyday needs (and snacks).

Dropping: Sporty Sandals

Copping: Chunky Boots

Sporty sandals were in for a reason — they’re functional, comfy, and on trend. It’s time to retire them, though, and trade them in for their fall counterparts. Chunky boots are just as functional and cozy (bye, snow storms). I’m pairing mine with an oversized sweatsuit or maxi dresses this fall. 

While I’m not looking forward to the weather getting colder, I’ll definitely be trading in some summer trends for these fall styles. My summer midi skirt and square-toe heels are staying though. Which fall trends do you want to cop?

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