Flavors of Fall: Pistachio and Tangerine

As we grow closer and closer to fall, stores have begun to transition from s’mores and swimsuits to sweaters and school supplies. And while I’m excited for all the new fits to come, I can’t say I won’t miss the heat. My staple outfit this summer has been a bodysuit or graphic tee with a midi skirt, and thinking about the Boston winter creeping closer and closer makes me wince. 

One trend I’m very excited for, though, is fall’s new colorway. Two of my favorite colors are featured, though they’re much more muted than summer’s neons. It seems the flavors of fall ‘19 are pistachio and tangerine. 

These colors are soft and light, making them perfect for transitioning from warm summer to cooler fall. In fact, I’ve already started picking up a few pieces because I love the colors so much. 

If these colors sound like too much for you, don’t worry. I swear they’re flattering on anyone (money back guarantee). If you still don’t believe me, read on for styling inspo.

Go All Out

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matching. 🍃

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If you’re like me and love this pistachio color, this might be the fit of your dreams. If you’re a little more hesitant about the trend, though, try taking one of the pieces and adding it to an otherwise basic outfit. The pants would look great with a graphic tee, or you could add the purse to virtually any outfit.

Flirty Fun

Not only are the details on this skirt to die for, but this tangerine dream works perfectly as a statement piece, perfectly completing any outfit. For fall, I’d recommend an oversized sweater and sneakers, or even a graphic tee and a blazer.

Transition Piece

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Business in lime💚 #lottaliinalove

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While I don’t think I can rock this green swimsuit in the chilly fall weather, I can definitely vibe with the jacket. It would add a perfect layer of color (and warmth) to any fall fit, but my dream styling would be an oversized white tee, wedgie jeans, and matching pistachio sneakers (have yet to find these, will keep you posted).

Bright Sunnies

If you just want to stick a toe in the water of this trend, stick with one statement accessory you can add to any fit. These tangerine sunnies are perfect to wear when shopping for school supplies, pumpkin picking, or apple cider donut eating. They’ll give you a pop of color without taking away from your outfit.

Mini Moment

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summer in the city 🚲😄

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Since the mini bag seems to be returning to Insta feeds near you, why not try this pistachio-colored one? The croc detailing is stunning, and the color perfectly matches the top. If you play your cards right, you can easily take a mini crossbody like this one and tie it around your waist for an instant fanny pack.

A Look

Wanna go all out? Go monochromatic with a tangerine dress, purse, and heels (love the clear detailing on those). The key to going all out, though, is finding an equally tangerine background (which is what I will desperately be trying to do all next season). 

Though I normally lean towards green, that tangerine is really growing on me. I’ll definitely be sporting both colors soon (if not tomorrow). Which color do you prefer and how would you style it? Let me know!

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