How to Rock the Elevated Sweatpants Look

Layering, jackets, and winter boots are staples of winter fashion. But come a certain point in the season, the cold makes us lazy and well, cold. If we do make it out of bed, there’s nothing we want to wear except our sweatpants. Below, check out how to dress up your sweats in a publicly acceptable but cozy way.

Spring for Joggers

Joggers offer cinched bottoms which look more put together than the traditional sweatpant. They also maintain your figure while keeping you warm and comfortable.

Opt for a Monochromatic or Printed Set

If you’re looking for a literal winter uniform – make this your go-to. Graphic sweats create a cool street style look and make you look fashion-forward vs. someone just trying to run errands.

Add a Statement Piece

Adding statement pieces like a fun jacket or cool sneakers dresses up your outfit and makes you look more put together, as opposed to someone just wearing sweats. Add a belt bag or chain necklace as a final touch.

Crop It

Weather permitting, you could pair your sweatpants with a cropped sweatshirt or top. The looseness of the sweatpants and top makes you look slimmer, and the look is flattering yet totally relaxed.

Layer Pieces

If you’re not able to crop your look, layer some pieces underneath your sweats. I love wearing a turtleneck underneath my sweats for a more sophisticated, elevated look.

Fancy Footwear

Pairing your sweatpants with lace-up boots is the ultimate cool-girl vibe – very army-chic. If you’re feeling fancy, you could even pair sweats with heels. My favorite thing to do is to wear a pair of colorful sneakers.

Stay comfy and stay stylish. Need more tips on how to rock sweatpants? My favorite inspo for this particular look comes from Jenny Lin, an NYC-based fashion blogger.

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