Then and Now: 70’s and 80’s Trends Making a Comeback

It seems that every season, we focus on one era in particular for style inspo. Last year, the 90s reigned, with everyone loving baby tees, Barbie pink, and tiny sunglasses. As we move into 2019, it seems that this year’s throwback fashion will come from the 80s and 70s. Some staples from the eras include –

1. Neon (80s)

Sure to have heads turning, this trend began in the 80s and is making its way back to our closets this year. Look out for bright orange, vivid blue, and neon green in particular.

2. Bellbottom (Flare) Jeans (70s)

Not apple-bottoms, but I’ll take ’em. I love this trend because it elongates your legs and makes them super long. It accentuates your curves too! Pair with a cozy sweater for an 8 AM lecture, or heeled booties and a crop top for a night out.

3. Costume Jewelry (80s)

Chunky, statement-making jewelry is possibly one of the easiest ways to dress up a plain outfit. This trend is great for a night out, or you could layer pieces over a simple black turtleneck.

4. Denim Everything (70s)

Okay, not like a JT and Britney moment, but think denim dresses, jackets, shirts, and midi skirts. Pair with a vintage band tee, button-down shirt, or a silky camisole. If you want to bring trendy faux fur into the picture, try this jacket from Levi’s, available here.

5. Sequins (80s)

But not the tacky sequins of the ’80s. Think more refined. Save your sequined NYE’s outfit to layer over a black turtleneck or under a simple trench coat.

6. Halter Necklines (70s)

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to 2019 please …

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The official going out uniform of the 70s: halter top, bellbottoms, and booties. This neckline is back, and I’m so glad – it’s comfortable and flattering. Cop one for your next girl’s night out.

7. Mini Skirts (80’s)

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12 Hours 🖤 @tagheuer

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Like, mini. Seen in iconic 80’s movies like Heathers and Pretty in Pink, these skirts are great for making your legs seem super long! Pair with sneakers and a fanny pack for a more streetwear look or throw on a halter top and a pair of heels for a night out.

8. Long Satin Slips (70s)

Silky looking slips are super elegant, which actually makes this piece extremely versatile. I love wearing this look in the summer with a pair of cool sneakers, but in the winter I simply pair it with a tight turtleneck underneath or a chunky sweater on top. Edge it up by layering with a leather jacket.

9. Super High-Cut Bodysuits and Swimsuits (80s)

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🦂 @sashasamsonova

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Basically the classier, sexier version of the whale-tail. It’s reminiscent of the red suits from the late 80s Baywatch. I’d recommend wearing this with looser bottoms like jeans or joggers.

10. Overalls (70s)

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~its britney bitch~

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A look. Super popular during the 70s, overalls provide you with the practical yet fashionable outfit you never knew you needed. Try rocking a white pair with loafers or sneakers.

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