My 2019 Fashion Resolutions

Nearly everyone sets new year’s resolutions focusing on diet, exercise, and less social media use. While I could benefit from all three of these and do plan to follow through (or at least attempt) these resolutions, I have plenty of goals for 2019 that are fashion-related.

1. Less White Sneakers

And looking at this array of photos, maybe more color?

I LOVE my sneakers – they match everything and are super comfortable. But looking back at lots of my #OOTD’s, too many outfits were paired with my trusty white Air Force 1s. In 2019, I want to explore more options like loafers, flats, and booties.

2. Purchase More Independent and Sustainable Designers

A lot of my pieces (that were bought new) come from Urban Outfitters, Aritzia, Nasty Gal, and Zara. When purchasing, I want to focus more on where my fashion comes from and who made it.

3. Constant Rotation

Keyword: constant. I love shopping at consignment and thrift stores but seem to find more time to shop than donate or sell. I want to get back on my Poshmark account and start selling clothes more so that I always have room in my closet for newer, trendier pieces.

4. Wear Everything I Own – At Least Once

Speaking of donating – this resolution will help me weed out what I want to keep and what I don’t. It will also force me to look at what I already have and figure out a way to style it. Hopefully some unexpected outfits will come of this.

5. Buy Clothes that Actually Fit

If I really, really love something, or it’s on sale, I’m pretty likely to buy it, even if it means that the piece is a little big around the hips or too long for my legs. In 2019, though, I don’t want to waste any more time tucking, pinning, or fidgeting with my clothes. I’m going to buy clothes that fit me well or devote them to getting tailored.

6. Stop Buying Multiples

Including my many leopard print items

I will make an exception for basics I wear a lot, like black turtlenecks and white t-shirts. But for statement pieces like leopard print skirts, one should be enough. This should help save money and closet space.

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