2019’s Biggest Trends and How to Wear Them

We’re a week into 2019, and while we’re all recovering from holiday parties and new year’s resolutions, new year’s fashion trends have already hit the sales floors running. As you complete your end-of-the-year closet clearout and make room for new 2019 pieces, keep these trends in mind – and read on to learn how to style them.

It Ain’t Easy –

Being green. Gone is the year of barbie pink – we’re now leaning towards sage and neon green in particular. Go small with green accessories or pull a Kendall Jenner and spring for a monochromatic look.

Bike Shorts

Comfy and flattering, this trend began right at the end of 2018’s summer and is sure to follow into 2019. Pair them with literally anything – or style a patterned pair.

White Booties

Forget white sneakers. Probably one of the most impractical trends on the list – though fashion is rarely practical – white booties will be everywhere, especially in the spring and summer months allow for better weather. And these booties are made for walkin’.

Suits You

Suiting entered the game late in 2018, but it’s here to stay. If you’re bold enough, try a matching pantsuit. Looking for a more casual look? Try pairing a blazer with jeans or bike shorts.

Faux Fur

One of the easiest ways to stay cozy, warm, and fashionable during the cold winter months. Neutral colors are classic, but neon and patterned beg to be worn too.


Yep – fringe is back. Ease it into your wardrobe with a fringed purse or go all out with a western-inspired jacket and cowboy boots.

Hair Accessories

Name a better way to dress up a boring outfit – I’ll wait. Velvet headbands and colorful, graphic hair clips are a great way to further match your accessories to your outfits or add a little something to plain ones.


This trend – which originated in the ’80s, like many of the other trends on this list – is sure to fill your feeds this next year. Look out specifically for patent leather pants, hats, and bags.

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