New Year, New Playlist

Personally, this past year sucked. So I wanted to make sure my first playlist of the year set a good tone for the next one.

Some featured songs from the playlist include…

Keeping up the “God-is-a-woman” energy we had in 2018 and making it stronger.

I’m calling it now – this song is going to be a 2019 bop. It’s upbeat and so catchy.

We lost one of the greats this year, and I couldn’t not include Prince on this playlist. Plus, this throwback is such a jam.

Sure, the name of the song is november, but its indie-emo-pop vibe fits perfectly with January’s winter weather.

blond was certainly one of my favorite albums in 2018, and this was one of my favorite songs off of it. I’m bringing this song into 2019 with me to remind myself of who was there for me in 2018 and who will always be there for me – myself.

Check out the full playlist here and have a happy new year!

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