Keep Warm and Fashionable: Your Guide to Layering

Winter weather gives me the chills – literally. It’s cold, windy, wet, and miserable. It makes me want to snuggle up into bed in a pair of sweatpants. It seems fashion takes a backseat – but it certainly doesn’t have to. Wearing layers, opting for thicker fabrics, and smart accessories can keep you looking good and feeling warm. Here, a few tricks to keep you cozy yet chic all season long.


No, not that underwear. Try wearing tights or high (but thin) wool socks underneath your pants for ultimate warmth. This trick works especially well with wide-leg pants that cold air can sneak into.


Not to state the obvious but – layering is one of the greatest things to happen to fashion. You can literally wear multiple outfits at once. Below, I’m wearing a thin summer dress, pairing with a white tie-top, layering a white wool turtleneck. I then threw on a thin wool coat and topped off my cozy look with another thin wool coat and a hat. The weather in Boston today was 27 degrees Fahrenheit and I was actually toasty warm in my layered outfit!

Fabric Matters

If layering’s not your thing – or even if it is – the fabrics you’re wearing matter, especially if you’re trying to keep warm. Thick fabrics like wool and cashmere can help retain heat. Faux fur coats are also quite warm. If you prefer something thinner, snag some Uniqlo HeatTech to layer underneath your normal clothes.

Avoid Cold Feet

If you’re against high socks or tights, chances are that your feet will get chilly. Avoid the cold by wearing shoes like high-top sneakers or knee-high boots that will keep your legs covered.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

Probably one of the easiest (and most creative) ways to keep warm. Add a hat, scarf, sunglasses, and whatever else your heart desires. Don’t forget the gloves!

Aritzia Hat, White Wool Sweater, and Black Wool Coat. Amazon Sunglasses. Madewell Grey Wool Coat.

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